Prioritize, Minimize, Organize

Tips to get you started:

  • Commit to “less stuff”
  • Document progress! Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and taking pics of before/after is a great way to keep yourself motivated so you can recall your progress.
  • Tackle smaller projects first to build your confidence.
  • Divide stuff into 4 categories – Keep, Toss/Recycle, Sell, Donate.
  • Start an minimization or organizational Pinterest board. It also helps with motivation.
  • DON’T go buying more baskets or bins; the point is to empty out the ones you have! You may need to go buy some large storage totes for the purpose of organizing your categories of stuff, but cardboard boxes work too!
  • Research and immerse yourself into Minimalism. I recommend the Netflix documentary Minimalism, as well as a book by the same title/authors. Check out Facebook groups and read about it as much as you can.
  • Remember that everyone has their own level of Minimalism. Some choose to live out of a backpack or tiny house; some (like me) just choose to have a huge purge of stuff and maybe layoff the acquisition of NEW stuff for a little while. You don’t have to live in a tee-pee with only what can fit in your pockets to adopt this lifestyle!

Making Money through Minimizing:

While the main objective for getting rid of stuff is to have, well, less STUFF laying around, there are ways to making some side cash off of this endeavor. I personally love to hustle goods. I worked in the sales arena for a while and it is in my blood. I get a rush off of wheeling and dealing and exchanging goods for some cash.

Purging and minimizing won’t make you rich, but it can and will impact you financially. For one, if you’re committed to less stuff, that means you are spending less money on said stuff.

If you follow my tips above to divide into four categories, including “sell,” then you will possibly make some money off of that stuff as well. Here are a couple tips to do that:

  1. Price it to SELL IT. Don’t price it emotionally. Remember – the goal is to get rid of it; not become a millionaire.
  2. If you have designer goodies, check for online/Facebook groups specific to that brand (i.e. Coach, Michael Kors). People in those groups often have a better idea of the value of what you are selling because they are also familiar with the brand.
  3. Create a social media/Facebook group to post your stuff in, similar to a virtual yard sale. ONLY add people who want in. There is nothing more annoying than getting randomly added to groups.
  4. Set up PayPal and Venmo accounts. These are the easiest ways to exchange money person to person.
  5. If you want to be able to ship items, set up an account with the USPS and order some (free) supplies. You’ll be able to ship from your front door and avoid a trip to the post office. Note: Flat rate is usually a couple bucks more, but the convenience of not having to go to the dang PO is worth that extra $$ to me.

Holly’s Total Money Made thus far:  $721



Master Closet BEFORE & AFTER!

Minimizing isn’t about bare-bones “going without”…. it’s about weeding out the unnecessary and keeping that which adds value and joy. Top two pics show my disastrous closet before a purge; bottom two are after. Managed to free up many bins and bags, as well as top two shelves of my “shoe closet” 🤦🏼‍♀️ I could still probably find more to get rid of, but this is a start! Ended up with a couple totes full of stuff that will be sold or donated.


Everyone has that one closet that tends to catch it all. This is ours. It wasn’t that it was awful before, but once I started pulling everything out it was just a disaster. I ended up with a bag of old towels (we switched to all white so we can bleach them) to donate to the local no-kill animal shelter, Little Victories, as well as lots of expired medications that got safely tossed. I am also looking for places to donate sheet sets that are in very good condition as I don’t feel as though I need FIVE sets for ONE bed. [facepalm!] I’m also proud to say that those three totes on the top shelf are actually empty.  I just put them there for a pop of color. LOL