This section is dedicated to stuff that nearly had me actually ROFL! Laughter often is the best medicine, so check this section out from time to time if you need a good laugh to shake off some stress. I kind of consider this to be a bank of info and stuff that I find absolutely hilarious. Some of it might be #nsfw (not safe for work), and some might have some “language” within, but the context of them is just so freaking funny, I cannot help but share.


smwifeSoooooo this is a more recent one, and when I watched it, I knew immediately that it simply must go on my LOL list for future reference. For those who may not know, the late night talk show host, Seth Meyers, and his wife recently had their second child. Their “Birth Story” is one of the BEST I have ever heard.


Another more recent one I have found revolves around a baker whose creativity with vageodecake bakery and geodes went awry. I challenge you to go to this Facebook page and tell me that now-infamous cake does not look like a vagina. Look me in the bedazzled eye and deny it. Just try. Luckly, the owner/operator of Nadia Cakes has a wicked sense of humor and makes some seriously fly replies to her commentators. I yearn to be this sharp witted.


It isn’t an obvious place to find humor, but this Craig’s List ad about a yoga mat had me yogain stitches. Whoever wrote this got way more out of that yoga mat than he realized. It is written over an approximately 4-hour long time frame, and it is pure comedic genius. Just a man and his mat. It reminds me of a time I went to a Bikram yoga class in Portland, OR, where I swear people were sweating petchouli… It was rough. #namaste


Sugarless Haribo Gummy Bear Reviews:  Customer feedback is important when gummyconsidering a purchase. It’s a also a good life lesson:  Don’t eat too many sugar free gummy bears; bad things will happen.


I watched this video to try to get myself to go into labor with Leo. It didn’t work at all, but I did get the much needed belly-laugh. You seriously cannot un-see Will Ferrell singing “Drunk in Love.” You just cannot.



Who doesn’t love a good blog? This one from Huffington Post is seriously one of the best pieces of literature I’ve ever read. I strive to be that creative and witty. Maybe one day…. In the meantime, support bloggers everywhere and check them out whenever you can! This one is about a very realistic adventure/experience at the illustrious grocery giant, Whole Foods.