Rice Krispie “Monsters”

Before anyone hates on me too badly for this, please know that there are probably 5 loads of laundry that need put away downstairs and dinner for the kids has not even crossed my mind at this point. (But, I’m not sure I need to feed them because they looked like they were channeling their inner Augustus Gloop in The Chocolate Factory during this entire Halloween Treat endeavor.) Featured here is actual footage of Leo in the sprinkles and chocolate:


I saw this little project on, you guessed it, Pinterest! And since I have worked with melting chocolate before, I thought this would be fun and easy for the kids’ Halloween treats for school and dance class.

And yes, I set it all up like a cooking show and took a picture of it like a total jerk. But I did it for you! ❤

I call this portrait, “The Calm Before the Storm.”



  • melting chocolate (I used bright blue, green, and orange; any colors will do)
  • sprinkles (any colors)
  • candy eyeballs (various sizes look cooler!)
  • candy corn
  • Rice Krispie treats Pro-tip: do yourself a favor and buy the pre-made ones. (Making them from scratch = Ain’t no one got time for that! Plus, they’re the perfect size and not floppy.)

Recommended additional ingredients:

  • kids who love to inhale sugar & make a mess
  • vacuum (Did I mention the sprinkles?! Sooooo many sprinkles.)


Unwrap the RC treats, and place them on pans that are lined with either foil or wax paper of some sort for easy cleanup. Melt one color of the melting chocolate and do it slowly in intervals in the microwave, making sure to stir it occasionally. Think of melting chocolate like a gremlin:  Do NOT get it wet. But you can put it in the microwave, so maybe that reference doesn’t work after all. Hmmmmm… Seriously though. Do not let any water or, in some cases (not ours), saliva come in contact with the melting chocolate. It will harden and become useless. [Enter dirty adult joke here.]

Once the treats are unwrapped and the chocolate is melted, the fun/disaster starts! Dunk one end of the treat into the chocolate so that it covers the upper 1/3 or so of the treat. Then, add some candy eyeballs, maybe some candy corn for fangs or a nose, and then some sprinkles in a fun color for hair/fur.

Get creative with the eyeball placement and colors. Do one treat at a time, then lay it on the lined sheet to dry. BOOM! Done.

This is a comparison of mine compared to the Pinterest OG (mine are on the bottom). Mine aren’t as neat, but I was basically fighting off a sugared-up octopus doing these, so I win.


Happy Halloween!

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